The RENT Academic Prize

The RENT Academic Prize honors post-graduate research papers that deal with innovation in the real estate industry.

Two prizes will be awarded: - A Junior award, for post-graduate students up to and including the first year of a master’s degree program, and a Senior award, for students in their second year of a master’s degree program or studying for a doctorate.


The awards ceremony will be held November 8th at RENT and will be open to the public.

The two winners will receive a check for a thousand euros.

Contest rules and criteria

The contest rules are available from Realnewtech upon request. Student submissions are reviewed and selected by a panel headed by Fabrice Larceneux that is composed of at least three people. The panel will base its decision on the following criteria:

  • The paper’s relevance to the subject of innovation in real estate
  • The subject’s topicality and originality
  • Relevance with respect to current challenges in the real estate industry
  • Contribution to knowledge in this area
  • Quality of the academic approach and methodology
  • Substance and form of argument presentation.


  1. Contestants must first provide the judges panel with an abstract of their paper that explains the context and relevance of the subject dealt with, the methodology employed, the most significant results obtained and their recommendations for real estate professionals. These abstracts, which must not exceed three pages, must be received before 30 September 2016.
  2. The judges panel then selects the contest finalists, who must submit their complete dissertations by 30 October 2016

RENT partners and sponsors

RENT plays a key role in bringing together the various communities of real estate professionals. This is why major players in the real estate industry have seized the opportunity to participate and promote their brands at RENT, as lead partners, media partners, presenters and awards sponsors.

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